Troubleshoot Redshift / Paraccel COPY command load errors

The scripts below can be used on both Amazon Redshift and Actian Matrix (Paraccel) for operations related to COPY commands.

Number of rows inserted by each succesful COPY command

SELECT starttime, querytxt, lines_scanneD 
FROM stl_query NATURAL JOIN stl_load_commits
WHERE xid IN (
	SELECT xid FROM stl_utilitytext WHERE RTRIM("text")='COMMIT'
ORDER BY starttime DESC;


Troubleshooting load errors

The following four tables can come in handy while troubleshooting load errors via the COPY command:





Some useful queries that make use of the above tables are:

1. Errors in unsuccessful COPY commands for the current day

FROM stl_load_errors 
WHERE starttime > current_date
ORDER BY starttime DESC, line_number;


2. Combine stl_load_error with stl_tbl_perm to get the table name

SELECT DISTINCT tbl, TRIM(name) AS table_name, query, starttime, 
TRIM(filename) AS input, line_number, colname, -- Use "field" for "colname" in Paraccel
err_code, TRIM(err_reason) AS reason
FROM stl_load_errors sl, stv_tbl_perm sp 
WHERE sl.tbl =

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